What is Grok?

We extend the international teams of higher education institutions into the world’s most important education markets.
We are not agents, providers of pathway programs, or middlemen. Our only economic interest is to provide in-market services for our client institutions. You decide your own international agenda, and we find and supervise local staff who will work in seamless collaboration with you to reach your targets.

kim-morrison-ceoWhen I was younger, an international travel experience changed the course of my life, and sparked a lifelong love of exploring new places and cultures. As a serial entrepreneur, I’ve drawn inspiration from Bo Burlingham’s book Small Giants (Companies That Choose to Be Great Instead of Big).

I created Grok to bring those passions together, and build a best-in-class company that fills a real need: To make it as safe and easy as possible for higher education institutions to build trustworthy, talented, well-managed teams abroad. I’m proud to be an excellent employer as well as providing great service to our many clients, and I strive to make Grok a better company year after year.

Kim Morrison, founder and CEO of Grok Global

Our services

Representative Offices

Full-time staff dedicated exclusively to your institution’s needs, receiving expert management and support from our service centers.

Student Recruitment

A team of recruitment and social media specialists help your institution establish and build recruitment channels through agency and high-school partners.

Applicant Experience

A dedicated team works under your direction to relieve the international admissions burden by ensuring that applications are complete, high-priority applications are tagged, and applicant data is captured.

Digital and Social Media

A service to establish and grow your institution’s presence on social media channels, with emphasis on Chinese platforms such as WeChat and Weibo, including monitoring activity, responding to enquiries, and creating content that will build awareness in regional markets.

Market Research

Take away the guesswork and gain valuable insights into key markets. We have access to key studies and commission our own research projects which inform our activities.

Academic Partnerships

Our staff, based in the same countries as your partner institutions, help you establish and nurture academic research, student exchange and teaching partnerships.

The word Grok was coined by Robert Heinlein in his iconic science fiction book Stranger in a Strange Land. To Grok something means to understand it so thoroughly that you become part of it.
We Grok our client institutions and the diverse cultures in which we operate.