Where is Grok?

With a footprint spanning four of the most important international education markets, Grok gives institutions expanded global capability.

Grok China – Beijing, Shanghai

Grok’s largest operations are in China. On behalf of international institutions, we manage relationships with agencies, high schools, and post-secondary institutions. On behalf of governments, we conduct interviews at hundreds of schools, and catalogue research organizations and government training institutions. Through internal research projects we interview hundreds of agents, families and students. Our activities give us vital and current insights into the Chinese education market which we share with our clients.


Grok Southeast Asia – Kuala Lumpur

From our headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, we extend the engagement capabilities of international institutions throughout Southeast Asia. This enables clients to expand and better support their recruitment channels, establish and manage academic partnerships, and develop significant transnational education projects throughout this populous, diverse and very promising region.

Grok-India-250 sept 17

Grok India – New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore

As the second largest international education market, India demands our attention. In fact, the local context and youth demographics suggest it may grow and surpass China as a source of international students. It is an incredibly enigmatic market – fragmented, diverse, enormous and largely driven by an immature agency industry and inexperienced consumers.


Grok Brazil – São Paulo

Brazil is a key emerging market and has posed challenges to many institutions who seek to move beyond sponsored students, toward developing productive strategic partnerships and directly recruiting non-sponsored students.