Why choose Grok?

For ten years we have been working with universities, colleges, governments and government agencies, language schools, and school districts. We improve every aspect of our business year after year and have a stellar track record of success.
Grok is the only company that can:

Quickly build teams of any size to support your institution in any of the world’s key education markets, with minimal legal and tax complexity.

Ensure that your representatives are supervised by industry leaders and have full benefits, training, and career paths, while you maintain total control over your global engagement strategy.

Amplify the impact of your representatives by giving them access to experts in global recruitment, market knowledge, digital technology, marketing, and other areas.

Ensure that your in-market initiatives run smoothly by assigning one of our executive management team to look after each engagement and help resolve any issues that may arise.

Say truthfully that we have no conflicts of interest. We are not agents or middlemen, and have no agenda other than carrying out your institution’s mission.

Institutions have used Grok teams to develop and strengthen their relationships with academic and recruitment partners and make them more productive, improve their presence in digital media, and streamline their applicant experience.